NUMECA HEXPRESS-Hybrid 7.2 Win64

Introduction to NUMECA HEXPRESS-Hybrid 7.2 NUMECA HEXPRESS-Hybrid 7.2 is an innovative simulation package that combines the power of both high-fidelity and reduced-order flow solvers with a unique object-oriented GUI. This software package allows engineers to perform accurate flow simulation quickly and efficiently. Its versatile design and versatile platform make it a great choice for engineers … Read more

ESI ProCAST v2014.0 + Visual-Environment v9.6

Introduction ESI ProCAST v2014.0 + Visual-Environment v9.6 is a complete design and simulation package for casting product development and process optimization. It offers users a highly efficient suite of tools and features that are ideally suited for casting design and simulation projects. The package has been developed with the aim of maximizing productivity, flexibility and … Read more

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