MSC SimXpert 2012 build CL149556 x86 x64

Introduction to MSC SimXpert 2012 MSC SimXpert 2012 is a finite-element simulation software from MSC Software Corporation, a Southern California-based provider of simulation and software solutions. Released in March 2020, SimXpert is the most recent version of its flagship product – taking simulator technology to the next level for research, product design, and optimization. It … Read more

ECS FEMFAT 5.1-5.2 Suite x86 x64

Introduction to ECS FEMFAT 5.1-5.2 Suite The ECS FEMFAT 5.1-5.2 Suite is a software package designed to perform fatigue and durability tests on materials in various industries. It is used to assess the performance of metals, plastics, composites, and other materials under different conditions. The suite is capable of providing many useful results in the … Read more

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